What’s The Cost of Refinishing Furniture These Days?

Old furniture is a great thing to have around your house, whether you live in an older part of town, or have just bought a brand new swanky condo down town. rustic, restored antique furniture can really bring some unique character to your home and become either a focal point, conversation topic, or much more.

Most people would assume they need to spend hundreds or even thousands on an antique coffee table to get this specific look, but the reality is it doesn’t have to be very expensive at all. One of the best ways to get the same look but much more inexpensively, is to get the piece of furniture you want and invest in refinishing and restoration services. The main benefit of this is the fact that you can get it re-stained or fixed under your terms and pay considerably less mark up.

The cost of refinishing can vary wildly so it’s important to realize what’s actually going to be done to your furniture so you can make a wise choice. For most used antique furniture you’re going to get, it’s going to have to be stripped down to the bare wood. This is an intensive process that could take hours of precise labour depending on the size of your piece. Furthermore, fixing holes, blemishes and other surface inconsistencies one by one is also something that takes a specific skill set that not just anyone can ¬†undertake.

For some furniture you might just need to have it touched up and re-stained. This offers a great chance for you to refurbish your antique furniture piece to match the rest of your decor. Staining is also a pretty intensive process and can take a few hours to get done perfectly.

Whatever you decide to do with your new furniture, contact a local Toronto furniture repair and restoration company you trust and be sure to get a good idea of what you want done before you put some money down.

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