• Tories sliding away from majority: poll (04 OC 2008)
    Stephen Harper’s goal of attaining a majority government appears to be receding in the rear-view mirror as his campaign approaches the finish line, a new poll suggests.
  • Liberals remind Maritimers, Northerners of Harper’s past insults (04 OC 2008)
    …Dion’s comments came after a day of campaigning that also saw him urging voters in Atlantic Canada to remember Stephen Harper’s comment about “a culture of defeat” in the region. As Liberal headquarters in Ottawa issued official figures showing a “false” claim by Harper that the former Liberal government had cut regional development funds in 2004, Dion told reporters it was the Conservatives who “shamefully cut” such funds after they won power in 2006. …Manitoba Liberal Tina Keeper, an aboriginal TV star, demanded an apology from Harper last week for “his use of an insulting and demeaning term to criticize regional development agencies.” Keeper, whose riding Dion is expected to visit next week, said “off the reservation” is “a term that is denigrating and has been obsolete for years because of the negative stereotypes it engenders.” After announcing a northern development agency fund in Iqaluit during the campaign, Harper had told reporters: “What we have found is that while regional development agencies can go off the reservation – can (go) in some bad directions – they also tend to be pretty good compared to most federal bureaucracies at actually having a handle on what local development needs really are.”
  • Harper’s attitude fails to reassure (04 OC 2008)
    …Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion wasn’t “panicking,” whatever Harper may say, when he urged some forward-thinking in Ottawa to bolster public confidence by protecting savings and pensions, and by accelerating planned investments in infrastructure and manufacturing to help stimulate the economy. While Harper’s rivals don’t pretend to have all the answers, they are demanding, reasonably enough, that he give some thought to the matter and prepare contingency plans. Hard though it is to credit, the Conservatives have yet to even update their economic growth forecast from last February’s budget, though the economy has deteriorated sharply in recent months. And the Tories still haven’t rolled out their party platform, with just 10 days left to the Oct. 14 vote, though they plan to do so early next week. This is not prudent stewardship; it is leaving people in the dark. Worse, it may be whistling in the dark.
  • Atlantic Canada could loom large in deciding how a close federal race finishes (04 OC 2008)
  • The Harper illusion: Can it last another 10 days? (04 OC 2008)
    …In reality, the ground is giving out from under him, which is plain to see for anyone who wants to look – the only question being whether he can drag out the pretense that nothing is happening for another week and a half, and whether a plurality, unimpressed by a fractured opposition, will continue to buy the illusion right into the polling booth. …The Harper government doesn’t believe in public action, wise or not. That’s a problem, but we may not know how much of a problem until after the election when government action is increasingly called for, but the Harper government, virtually alone in the world, is ideologically opposed to it.
  • Tories won’t win big cities, ex-aide says (04 OC 2008)
    The Conservatives have only the bare outlines of a campaign urban strategy and have virtually written off Toronto and Montreal as fertile electoral ground, Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff told a political science seminar at University of Toronto this week. Ian Brodie, a political science professor who ran the Prime Minister’s Office for Mr. Harper until the end of June, also said he did not think the Conservatives would win a majority government. Dr. Brodie’s seminar comments were confirmed by three political scientists who attended his talk.
  • Bloc’s surge in Quebec threatens Tory majority (04 OC 2008)
  • Tories lead but voter volatility on the rise (04 OC 2008)
    The Conservatives still hold a strong lead but shifting allegiances in Quebec and a sharp upsurge in ABC (Anybody But Conservative) thinking nationally could put a Tory majority victory out of reach, a new poll shows. The survey found that rising voter volatility, a better image for Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and the unpredictable outcome in Quebec could make the final 10 days of the campaign a wild ride. …Strikingly, a majority of Liberal, NDP and Green supporters now say they would vote for a candidate they dislike in their riding to ensure there is no Conservative majority, Canseco said. The percentage of Green party and NDP voters who would do so rose sharply this week.
  • Stéphane Dion passe à l’offensive [trans.: Stéphane Dion goes on the offensive] (04 OC 2008)
  • NDP aim to focus on ridings to take from Tories (04 OC 2008)
  • Perhaps Harper just doesn’t get it (04 OC 2008)
    …If Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are running on a platform of sound economic management, how exactly do they propose to steer Canada through what is shaping up to be the most dangerous global economic crisis since the 1930s? Green party Leader Elizabeth May asked Harper that. So did New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton and Liberal chief Stéphane Dion. …Harper’s silence on the crisis, however, is the most disturbing….
  • Harper’s out of touch, lacks a plan, Martin says (04 OC 2008)
  • Manifestation anticonservatrice (04 OC 2008)
  • A rude awakening: Tory candidate’s late-night automated phone message outrages voters (04 OC 2008)
  • Barbs fly over economy as leaders return to campaign trail: Harper insists jobs still being created; Dion says PM ‘living in his own bubble’ (03 OC 2008)
  • Harper fumbles on economy (03 OC 2008)
  • Harper in denial on economy, Layton says (03 OC 2008)
  • Layton critique encore Harper qui reste de glace face à l’incertitude économique (03 OC 2008)
  • Late-game scandals hit the Tories: Polls show PM’s campaign may have peaked too early (03 OC 2008)
  • Show us the platform, party leaders dare Harper on economy (03 OC 2008)
  • Show us the Tory platform, Harper rivals demand :: Conservative leader only worried about attacking other parties: May (03 OC 2008)
  • Harper’s chance for a majority falls: poll (03 OC 2008)
  • Tories did it to themselves (03 OC 2008)
  • Harper’s hopes fade: Breakthrough in Quebec and majority government now seem lost (03 OC 2008)
  • Has Stephen Harper given up on Quebec? (03 OC 2008)
  • Don’t give PM blank cheque, Duceppe says in Toronto (03 OC 2008)
  • Duceppe appelle le Canada anglais à boycotter Harper (03 OC 2008)
  • Dion assails Harper over economy: ‘Doing nothing is not an option’ (03 OC 2008)
  • Dion outlines his five-point action plan (03 OC 2008)
  • Dion’s strategy: ‘Make it people, not dollars’: Focus on economy in human terms seen as key to Liberal success in debates (03 OC 2008)
  • Former PM rallies party faithful in Harper’s hometown (03 OC 2008)
    “Mr. Harper said that Canadians are not worried about their jobs – that Canadians are not worried about financing their homes. Well, I don’t know what country he is talking about. The Canadians I talk to are worried,” [Paul Martin] said….
  • Deux jeunes musiciens dénoncent les coupes en culture (03 OC 2008)
  • Plagiarism allegations plague Harper (03 OC 2008)
  • Newfoundland premier’s war against Harper working: Organizer (02 OC 2008)
  • Tory organizer blames ABC campaign for party’s woes (02 OC 2008)
    A top Conservative organizer in Newfoundland and Labrador candidly admitted Thursday that the party is struggling, and he blames Premier Danny Williams’s ABC campaign.
  • Has the Tory train gone off the rails? (02 OC 2008)
  • Harper attacked for failing to address economic turmoil (02 OC 2008)
  • Opponents hammer Harper over absent platform (02 OC 2008)
  • Dion’s strategy: ‘Make it people, not dollars’ (02 OC 2008)
  • Williams takes bite out of Ritz, Harper (02 OC 2008)
    Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams ripped into Tory Gerry Ritz Wednesday, demanding his resignation for “callous” jokes about listeriosis deaths and accusing Conservative leader Stephen Harper of taking Saskatchewan voters for granted. Mr. Williams, in a wide-ranging phone interview with The StarPhoenix, said Mr. Ritz’s leaked comments from a conference call with government officials Aug. 30 are symptomatic of the party’s “ugly head.” …”How [Mr. Ritz] was allowed by prime minister Harper to even stay in his position amazes me. I’m flabbergasted,” said Mr. Williams, a Conservative premier. “Absolutely, Gerry Ritz should have been fired. “It’s indicative of the party. There’s an ideology, there’s an undercurrent, there’s a theme that runs through this party and it becomes quite obvious. It rears its ugly head when the spotlight of the nation is on it.” …Mr. Ritz is still the Conservative candidate in Battlefords-Lloydminster, Mr. Williams noted, despite Mr. Harper’s penchant for making others “take a dive,” such as assistant Ryan Sparrow, who was suspended after he questioned the motives of an outspoken father of a dead soldier, and Owen Lippert, who resigned after admitting he plagiarized a 2003 Mr. Harper speech from former Australian prime minister John Howard.
  • Williams pleased with Liberal, NDP positions on N.L. issues (02 OC 2008)
    Premier Danny Williams said Thursday he’s delighted with letters received from both the Liberal and New Democratic parties in response to a letter he sent requesting the parties’ positions on issues of interest to Newfoundland and Labrador. …Williams said the letters from Dion and Layton contain many commitments and initiatives that are very positive for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. …Williams said no letter had been received yet from Harper.
  • N.L. premier trusts Dion, Layton to keep promises (02 OC 2008)
    Premier Danny Williams says he can trust the leaders of the Liberals and NDP after receiving responses from them promising how they would help Newfoundland and Labrador. Last month, Mr. Williams sent letters to Stéphane Dion, Jack Layton and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, asking how they would address issues of concern to the province such as the fisheries and energy. Mr. Williams said Thursday after reviewing responses from Mr. Dion and Mr. Layton, he believes he can trust them to follow through with their promises to help the fishing industry and spur clean energy development. Mr. Williams has not received a response from Mr. Harper.